Custom duty on mobile phones in pakistan 2019- phone tax list 2019

custom duty on mobile phones in pakistan 2019 explains tax list 2019, fbr mobile tax list 2019, and tax on imported mobile phones.

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Customs duty on mobile phones in pakistan 2019- phone tax list 2019

Check tax on mobile phones in pakistan on import

Mobile tax in pakistan 2019

Customs duty on mobile phones in Pakistan 2019 has seen a major tax incensement. There are various reasons behind it. Since tax on mobile phones in Pakistan on import has increased, there is a great unrest among people. Moreover, all smuggled imported mobile phones also have come under pta mobile tax registration policy radar. Subsequently there are a number of narratives that prove mobile tax policy Pakistan 2019 right or wrong.

Why tax on mobile phones in Pakistan on import?

Pta mobile tax list 2019 pakistan explains the complete story behind this sudden rift in the country. It is a big question why previous govt ignored this giant mobile phone industry. According to latest studies held in Singapore stated that Pakistan mobile industry has become $15 billion industry. Earlier, mobile phone dealers were importing mobile phones without paying taxes and registration. Just withn a year everything has changed. PTA and FBR took strict measures against illegal mobile phone import. Moreover, Fedeeral government announced mobile tax in Pakistan.

Federal Board of Revenue and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority both released fbr mobile tax list 2019. This list shows how much custom duty on mobile phones in Pakistan 2019 will be applied.

How does fbr mobile phone ax list help you?

Since mobile tax in Pakistan has come to screen, people do not know the exact custom duty on mobile phones. It is true that fbr mobile tax policy has gone through various changes. Tax fluctuation has gone through multiple editing phases. If you want to import a mobile phone in Pakistan, it is very important that you must know how much fbr mobile tax you will pay on arrival. Moreover, you can compare mobile price on import and local purchase.

Kindly have a look on our updated mobile tax list October, 2019:

Custom duty on mobile phones in pakistan 2019

Serial No Mobile phone value in US Dollars  Mobile levy ST RD WHT Fixed Rate
1 30 zero 150 180 70 400
2 30-100 zero 1470 1800 730 4000
3 100-200 500 1870 2700 930 6000
4 200-350 1500 1930 3600 970 8000
5 350-500 3500 6000 10500 3000 23,000
6 500 7000 10300 18500 5200 41,000


If you are unable to find latest mobile tax list, just go through our most updated pta mobile list 2019. Moreover, you can ask any question about pta mobile phone registration too. Keep visiting our blog.


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    Can you tell me how can i get discount on i phone 11 max pro and with discount how much i will pay for registration. I am coming from UK in next month. Thank You,

  2. Slam Sir, I heard (2019-12-24) that now overseas pakistanis are allowed to bring 1 mobile phone duty free. Is it right?
    What is the tax on Samsung SM-A9200 dual SIM


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    I want to import Realme X mobile from Ali Express China.kindly tell me how much tax will have to pay for Realme X mobile

  4. Salaam i have Samsung S8 used duel sim from uk how much is custom duty on passport and somebody told me that now all phone are free custom duty is it true ?


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