Can IMEI Number of Mobile Phone be changed?

buying phone with fake IMEI number can be a real trouble. Fake IMEI are also blacklisted in PTA DIRBS system. This guide to check real IMEI no can be very useful.

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Can IMEI Number of Mobile Phone be changed?

Most authentic method to check the original IMEI number of your phone

Before starting the introduction of IMEI of a phone, let us discuss few common concepts going in the market. Can IMEI Number of Mobile Phone be changed? How to root IMEI number of a phone? Or how can we access the original IMEI number of a device. As, there are a lot of cases where people are being scammed through fake IMEI numbers. Since PTA has started blocking unregistered phones, phone retailers and other customers have sought illegal ways to register phone with PTA.

Not only this, now what people are doing with their PTA blocked phones; they are changing IMEI numbers through phone firmware by accessing root and selling it in the market. I shall describe it below how they access and change IMEI number of phone through root access.

By changing phone IMEI temporarily, such phone experts install PTA verified IMEI no. later, when you reset the phone, it again displays factory set IMEI no that is actually not verified with PTA.

Let me share with you a recent scam happened one of my friends. He went to buy Oppo F5 from an individual seller. When he reached at the spot, he checked everything. Phone was in perfect condition. At the end, when he checked the IMEI no by dialing * #06 # and checked it with PTA DIRBS system; it showed that IMEI no is compliant with PTA. Now, he finalized the deal, paid cash and returned back to home.

When he reset the phone, and for his satisfaction he again checked the IMEI no of the phone with PTA DIRBS system, this time system was showing phone is not compliant with PTA. “Shocking”

Hopefully, you might have got the point, my friend has been scammed. No one going to believe him, actually his phone was rooted and temporarily IMEI no was changed. When he reset the phone, phone showed the real IMEI no that was blocked and not compliant with PTA.

Now let’s come to the real point that how can you secure yourself from being scammed? In this guide, I will explain you the exact method to check original IMEI no of phone.

How to check the original IMEI number of your phone?

  1. Take a picture of IMEI written on phone box
  2. Go to phone dial and dial * #06 #
  3. Now take picture of the IMEI phone is showing
  4. Go to DIRBS application and check the status of IMEI number with it
  5. Write whether it is compliant or non-compliant
  6. Now, reset the phone
  7. Again dial * #06 #
  8. Match the IMEI number of the phone you have written before
  9. Check it with DIRBS system again, and if it shows it is valid and compliant with PTA, you can buy the device by checking hardware.

By following these steps, you can save yourself from a massive shock. That is why, it is recommended to buy phones with original IMEI numbers and dual check if they are registered with PTA or not.


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