call of duty mobile release in Pakistan- call of duty mobile apk obb

call of duty mobile release in Pakistan is finally appeared. Call of duty mobile game download link for android devices and ios devices.

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Call of duty mobile release in Pakistan- call of duty mobile apk app

An ultimate guide to download call of duty mobile in Android and iPhone devices

Call of duty release date in pakistan is finally on the screen. Just two days before, call of duty mobile game has made its appearance on the big screen. It was the most awaited mobile game after player battle underground mobile. Moreover, to beat pubg mobile addiction, a game needed to be introduced. So here it is. This game comes with exciting features and graphics.

There are a few things we will find similar but overall, if we talk about its graphics, the team of call of duty has made extensive efforts in it. Subsequently, what happens in the most of the games, better graphics require more space? But call of duty total storage required is 1.5gb only.

Is it free to play call of duty mobile?

Yes, anyone can play this game free of cost.

Is it available on Google playstore and iOs app store?

Yes, call of duty mobile is available on worlds two most popular app stores:

To download call of duty for ios, visit following link

Download call of duty mobile on playstore

Call of duty mobile apk obb link

You can download this game in ap obb mode here:

How many game modes of call of duty mobile have?

There are total two major game mods available on this game:

  1. Battle royal
  2. Multiplayer

How many players are there in battle royal call of duty mobile?

There will be total 100 players in battle royal call of duty mobile.

How many players will be in multiplayer mood of call of duty mobile?

There will be a match between two teams. Each team will come with 6 players.

How many maps are there in call of duty mobile?

There are totally 6 maps in call of duty mobile. Their names are:

  1. Kill house
  2. Crossfire
  3. Tunisa
  4. Nuketown
  5. Hijacked
  6. Firing range

How many iconic characters are there in call of duty mobile?

There are total 5 players you can choose to play as hero in the game:

  1. John price
  2. David mason
  3. Alex mason

Can we play call of duty mobile offline?

No, this game requires an active internet connection

Which android version can download this game?

One must have 4.3 android version minimum to play this games



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