Best fighting games of 2020 – Complete Reviews

Best fighting games of 2020
Best fighting games of 2020

Best fighting games of 2020 – Complete Reviews

There is a type of people who, instead of playing computer games, spend time with friends and are fond of sports, go to boxing, wrestling, and so on. But you and I know that only suckers do this, give them a joystick in their hands, so they won’t do fatalities.

The topic of today’s article is the best fighting games of all time – for real guys. Go!


This fighting game is based on copying real martial arts. The game is for an amateur, as the realism is off the charts.

In every blow, there is almost real pain experienced by athletes. Every strangulation and painful technique can lead to loss of consciousness. The modern tournament of mixed martial arts fighters is conveyed in the smallest detail, with a high degree of realism.

The only trouble is with the filling – most of the efforts were directed by the developers to the appearance. The gameplay didn’t come out as well.

9. Super Smash Bros

At first, the game seems niche and incomprehensible. The game is a fighting game with characters from various Nintendo game series. Among the names of the fighters, you will not find those that you would not have encountered before. There are Mario and Kirby , and Link , and Pikachu and the devil knows who else.

The gameplay is so varied that there is a place for both entertainment and serious challenges. Each player will find here what is done purely for him.

There is a lot of fan service, and at the same time, complex and fun gameplay, without which the game, assembled even from the most famous heroes, will not achieve recognition.

8. WWE’2020

True wrestling is professional acting. The talent here fades behind the mountains of muscle, and the drama is such that Brazilian soap operas will also envy.

This game is about a wrestling game without cuts. You can break the ring and everything that surrounds it. You will understand that you have grown old when a youngster, driving a huge wrestler, will hammer you on the ring, throw you on the ropes and crush you with his feet.

And when you are thrown out of the ring, you, looking down, mumble – “okay, this is not serious, I’ll make you into Mortal . “

7. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

In order not to be considered ignorant, watch three hundred episodes of this famous anime series.

To play this fighting game, it is advisable to really love Naruto and everything connected with it, including a dozen full-length cartoons. Otherwise, you will hardly be able to understand this game and feel all its advantages.

The game was created for fans, of which a dime a dozen. And if you are one of these, then you will not find the best fighting game for yourself in your life.

6. Soul Calibur

The game debuted back in 1996 on Play Station , and then it was called Soul Age . It was the second 3D fighting game in history in which the characters used melee weapons. The first was the Battle Arena . Although the very idea of ​​a character with a weapon was nothing new – it was used in the 2D fighting game Samurai Shadown three years before the release of Soul Age. From the 38th year, the game became known as Soul Calibur , and in 2012 it acquired the latest fifth part at the moment. However, sofa experts say that the game is not the same.

By itself, without considering the terrible mechanics – Soul Calibur is a good and even interesting game. A three-dimensional arena, poorly dressed girls, fights with weapons and very colorful characters in the best traditions of Japanese pathos.

In addition, this fighting game is also attractive because characters from other games constantly appear in it. For example, in the fourth part, it was possible to slap on Darth Veder himself, and in the fifth to poke on Assassin Ezio.

5. Street Fighter X Tekken

The two titans came together to get each other in the face. Eastern fighting game mechanics in the best traditions of the genre.

Don’t be fooled by the bright effects. The game controls are simple and intuitive. Street Fighter X Tekken is the case when it’s easy to get started, but it’s very difficult to advance and become a master.

In addition, the game is attractive in that the players can always try to find out among themselves which of the heroes kicks whom when they meet.

4. Guilty Gear

Arriving in stores in 1998, the game was damn hard, and it blew up the brain with a cool heavy metal and hard rock soundtrack.

In general, there are many references to rock culture in Guilty Gear . For example, the character Axel Lo is named after Axel Rose , vocalist Hanses Roseis. Milia Rage inherited the name of the overseas metal band of the same name. And one of her tricks is called Iron Medan. What it is? Well, it’s a sin not to know.

And even at the beginning of the round, the commentator says heaven or hell instead of the usual fight, which is a reference to BLACK SABBATH’s album “Heaven and Hell”.

3. Sreet Fighter

Game-cult, game-sect, which became the ancestor of the fighting game genre in the last century and is its revival in the present century.

It was in it for the first time that all these flying fireballs, division into rounds and even a health bar in the form of a line appeared, as well as characters that really differ from each other – not only externally, but also in a unique style of combat. And the couple Ryu and Ken have become icons of the entire fighting movement. All this is she.

From part to part, we see all the same mechanics honed over the years and the same huge list of heroes with additional newcomers.

2. Tekken

This fighting game is so popular because it was released on the PlayStation.

Tekken, which is Japanese for “Steel Fist”, has been alive for over 18 years.

The creator of Mortal Combat himself, Edwin Woon, admitted that Taekken is his favorite fighting game, except for Kombat himself, of course. Still – in addition to vivid memorable characters such as Yeshimitsu, there are characters in the game that have real prototypes. So Lei is Jackie Chan, Lo is Bruce Lee, and McDuke is wrestler Goldberg.

In addition, in Taekken, the types of martial arts are very accurately conveyed – from karate and Thai boxing to a Chinese drunk master.

1. Mortal Combat

Finally we got to the legend of legend, a fighting game that gave the game world such a thing as Fatality. This is about the previous games, you may well not know. But not knowing about the greatest fighting game of all time, Mortal Combat, is simply impossible.

Mortal Kombat became popular because sprites made from video footage of real actors were used in the creation of the first and most famous games in the series, thanks to which the graphics of the game were striking in their realism – and this is on the 16-bit Sega!

The second thing that Mortal Kombat became famous for is , of course, his incredible cruelty. For the first time, players had the opportunity not only to kill the enemy, but to burn, impale, peel, drown in lava, pour acid and abuse the defeated in dozens of different ways.

After the release of the fourth part, the series slipped into a jungle and dullness, began to flirt with the newfangled 3D, and in the hands of some fighters for the first time pistols appeared, which, as you understand, is a complete mess for a fighting game! But with the last release of Kombat in 2011, the game has been revived, adopting the time-tested principle – side view, and nothing more!


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