most popular games of 2021
most popular games of 2021


These projects are waiting for millions of players, and critics consider them masterpieces even before the premiere. We’ve rounded up the best new games of 2021 on PC and consoles yet to come. Sit back, stretch your wrists, and get ready for the best gaming stories of the year.

Little nightmares 2

Why you should play:

  1. Now there are 2 main characters in the story.
  2. A TV tower that changes behavior unpredictably at any moment.
  3. A powerful flashlight that works like a weapon.

This is a continuation of the beloved platformer , where the players are waiting for 2 main characters at once. In addition to the usual Sixth, a boy with a bag on his head named Mono will conquer the world. Despite the presence of a second hero, the game will remain for one player – the developers say that in co-op mode it would lose its charm.

Interestingly, gamers will have to control a newbie, but AI will be responsible for the actions of the Sixth, with which they will have to interact. Moreover, you will have to put up with his lively character. Sometimes, when a gamer wants to lay low, Six will rush into battle and solve puzzles herself to intrigue.

According to the plot, in the city there is a signal tower with a transmitter that spreads incomprehensible signals. And they affect everyone – even the invincible protagonists. These strange signals will put the characters’ friendships in serious jeopardy.

It is known that gamers will not see the monsters from the “Womb”. But at the same time, other, no less dangerous and terrible opponents should be expected. And instead of a lighter, there will be a flashlight that will scare away some of the enemies.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Reasons to download:

  1. A more thoughtful approach to character leveling.
  2. More freedom – some vampires can walk around the city even during the day.
  3. Superpowers and the plot depends on the actions of the player.

The sequel to one of the most famous role-playing games of the generation, whose events take place in the world of World of Darkness. Here gamers will find the story of a newly converted vampire who, by the will of fate, was involved in the war for the shadow world of Seattle. Now the hero needs to accept himself, deal with new forces, choose a clan and show the world his truth.

The character’s superpowers will depend on which clan the player chooses. So, consider the decision, otherwise you will have to replay the plot again. The process of creating a Persian has partially changed:

  1. The choice of the character’s profession before reincarnation is at the beginning.
  2. Clan selection – during the game.

The user has time to familiarize himself with the philosophy of each clan and find the one that is more to his liking.

In the course of the plot, the player will meet old vampires who literally built up the current state of affairs with sweat and blood. And the same young bloodsuckers who dream of changing the status quo. This game is based on the 5th edition of the rules of the tabletop version of “The Vampire Masquerade”, so there will be much more freedom here than in the original 2004.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

What is the key feature:

  1. A familiar story from childhood.
  2. Coolest graphics that will allow you to look in a new way at your favorite characters.
  3. New systems of movement and combat.

A remake of the cult story “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” 2003 will appear on the monitors on a new engine that will give players an original feeling in familiar locations. According to the plot, the prince accidentally frees the Sands of Time from captivity, turning those around him into terrible sand monsters. And in the end, the player will have to make his way to the clock where this magic sand is stored – only in this way he will be able to reverse the events and prevent the terrible consequences.

Among the updates, there are three chips:

  • a system that allows you to switch attention from one Persian to another;
  • dozens of new movements – from parkour techniques with rolls on the ground to dodging attacks;
  • updated controls – fans of familiar solutions can “roll back” to the classic layout.

Hitman 3

Why you should play:

  1. The end of the cult story of an assassin.
  2. VR mode support for more realism.
  3. In some missions there are no precise tasks and goals – incredible freedom of action compared to the previous parts.

In the final part of the trilogy, gamers will again have to feel like first-class killers. Users can import saves from past games. They will come in handy when solving complex problems, if you are on the verge of life and death.

As in previous parts, Hitman can go through the story in stealth mode, quietly eliminating enemies and building intrigues, or go recklessly, dealing with opponents with a firearm. 

And for even more immersion, you can use a virtual reality headset – the developers have tried to ensure that PlayStation owners can enjoy a completely new gaming experience. Perhaps, after a while, the development will add a VR passage also for other virtual reality systems.

The locations have become larger, but at the same time they do not seem deserted. The studio has thought of even more possibilities for a “contract killer”. Some quests don’t even have specific goals. And this only increases the interest, the player will have to independently guess under what “skin” his enemies are hiding and what are their motives.

Alice: Asylum

Why download:

  1. The story will get even darker.
  2. Scientific background for script building.

It is a prequel to the Alice series, which follows a dark alternate version of the classic Alice Through the Looking Glass. And despite the fact that in the story, this is the initial element of a girly adventure, the game will become even darker. It is known that the plot will be based on the concept of 5 stages of mourning: denial, anger, negotiation, depression, acceptance.

Each of these “steps” will become a full-fledged location for passing. And when the heroine is ready to accept her fate, this will lead her to the start of the events of American McGee’s Alice. The game is expected to have time manipulation. Gamers should expect unique mechanics for each level.

Riders Republic

What makes it worth playing:

  1. Huge variety of vehicles, just like for a sports simulator.
  2. PVP-mode, where you can compete against hundreds of players in real time, and not with their “ghosts”.
  3. You can go through the career mode yourself and with friends.

Sports simulator that offers to get used to the role of cyclists, skiers, snowboarders and wingsuit enthusiasts. Players should “straddle the wheel “, they have to conquer extreme descents and ascents. All of them are located in an area of ​​mesmerizing beauty, recreated from 7 US national parks: Yosemite, Sequoia, Grand Teton, Mammoth Mountain, Bryce Canyon, Zion and Canyonlands

There are three game modes. Among which are career solo and career cooperatives. And also a PvP mode, where you will have to fight against competitors in real time.

Far cry 6

Why pay attention:

  1. The frenzied atmosphere of Far Cry, which does not give up even after 15 years.
  2. New Location – Finally, players will receive a completely new map.
  3. The main character will become more accommodating.
  4. There will be new modes of association and assault of outposts.

Continuation of the cult shooter . And unlike the one that has become habitual for Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn, the climate of this part will be warmer. From the rather cool Hope County, players will be transported to the hot Caribbean island of Yara. The dictatorship of Anton Castillo is flaring up there. He is already preparing a “hot spot” for his teenage son Diego, which is given to the players in the trailer.

Gamers will have to get used to the role of partisan fighter Dani Rojas, who aims to overthrow the dictatorship. Whether he will be able to find companions, and how exactly the hero will overthrow the current system – the user will decide.

The gameplay of Far Cry 6 remains the same as in the previous part. There are five ways for players to fight enemies.

1. Self-defense

2. Weapons
From knives and pistols to remote controlled guns and explosives.

3. All vehicles in the location
Including bicycles and private jets.

4. The ability to hire “comrades” It is
easier for two to “kill enemies”.

5. New system Fangs for Hire
Will help to bring down the tyranny regime more effectively.

In this part, the main character will become almost the soul of the company. If earlier, the key character was practically silent, in this episode he will speak incessantly.

The level of awesomeness of the expected games is in no way inferior to the TOP stories of 2019 and 2020. True, now players want to see even more story games – the need to stay at home for a long time affects the gaming community. How much the games will delight gamers can be understood by the end of the year. In the meantime, we are waiting for the exit and getting ready for a hot hack!


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