5 ways that can change your mobile gaming experience

mobile gaming has become quite popular these days. These gaming tips can change your mobile gaming experience.

5 ways for best mobile gaming experience - phonebechdou`

5 Ways that can change your mobile gaming Experience

  • (Use of a controller)game comtroller - phonebechdou

Playing games with the use of a quality controller is one of the effortless mobile gaming experience. It is very pleasant that your Android  smartphones can attach to some useful controllers. With the certainty and particularity of your controller which is connected through Bluetooth or a wired connection, but in various games there is no need of native support like PUBG Mobile. It is not necessary that every game will work with the help of controller. However, there are a few companies which have done job according to your adopted style. Best choice is Gamevice which has arranged unique models for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel models.

  • (Playing on the Big Screen)GAME ON TV - PHONEBECHDOU

Playing on the big screen is absolutely a great experience when you are at home, Why are you limiting yourself to small screen? For this purpose you only need an Airplay-2-compatible smart Tv (for iphone). These devices will reflect your display to your television. Some great choices are The Vizo V-series,M-series Quanum, p-series Quantum and P-series Quantum X. They make your gaming experience prefect which actually you desired.

3 -(Use Ethernet or 5GHZ Wi-Fi)ethernet - phonebechdou

For best gaming experience you must use Wi-Fi right. All Wi-Fi are not composed equal. IEEE has designed individual standards for Wi-Fi. Recently the fastest standard that is also broadly available is 802.11ac, which also your smartphones support  the highest protocol. To get profit of 802.11ac you need a competing router. An immense option is The ASUS AC900. If you have to own a Samsung Galaxy S10,S10+ or S10 and you wish the best, you have option for an 802.11ax router, which is also known as Wi-Fi 6,it is even faster than 802.11ac and gives you a candid connection for less suspension. Always make sure that your connection is even faster that any hiccup can never occur.

4-(Use a perfect Battery pack)mobile battery pack - phonebechdou

As we know that mobile gaming charges a lot of battery.  Because of heavy use of RAM,CPU and GPU and long hours of your display being in and regular use of data connections can ditch phones battery just in no time. However, according to your wish gaming must not be limited to a few hours. Because you want to  stop only when you get tired then you must have to consult a better battery pack.

5-(Take benefit of Gaming Mode)gaming mode - phonebechdou

Distinct Android OEMs have included a Game Mode options that reconfigures the  phone whenever you are playing a game. They block notifications during games, upgrade RAM for great performance, weaken or shoot down  auto-brightness and replies your calls using the loudspeaker. To boost your gaming experience these models are organized to help your gaming experience without any interruption of using a smartphone.


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