5 Best Smartphones to Play Freefire Smoothly in 2020

5 Best Smartphones to Play Freefire Smoothly in 2020
5 Best Smartphones to Play Freefire Smoothly in 2020

5 Best Smartphones to Play Freefire Smoothly in 2020

Those who play hard core level know how complicated it is to beat a game play without having equipment that is consistent with the specifications of their favorite game. However, some people like to elevate their gaming experience and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Start has separated 5 high performance phones so that you can play at a high level.

1st – IPhone X

The iPhone divides players’ opinions: some love it and others hate it, but there is no denying its performance on Freefire. With its 50% battery recharge in just 30 minutes, this device is ideal for those who spend many hours playing games or even using their cell phone, ensuring a smooth game play without having to hang from the charger.

 In addition, it has water resistance for those who like to play in the bath and a noise reduction microphone for those who enjoy playing with friends or even in teams….

2nd – Samsung Galaxy S10

Some say that the Galaxy is one of the best phones to play Freefire, but is it right for you? The Samsung device is a clear result of a decade of technological innovations, of course, pioneering when it comes to mobile.

 Its display is cinematic and ensures that your entertainment has no end during your hours played. In addition, it removes interruptions during use, that is, it is almost a gamer screen, only on your cell phone.

3rd – Xiaomi Mi 10

It seems like yesterday, but it has been 5 years since Xiaomi arrived in the Pakistani smartphone market and, increasingly, it is proving to be a strong competitor for brands already consolidated in the market. Starting with its 6.47 inch screen, which is perfect for those who like big screens and even for those who have a vision problem.

The screen resolution also gives a show, it is 2340×1080 pixels for you to print your best results on Freefire and, in addition, you still have a space of 128 GB, still with space for memory expansion. That is, there may be an update to the game, which will still have space.

4th iPhone 11

The IPhone 11 guarantees you many hours of gameplay, after all, its battery was made to last all day. If you get tired of playing, you can still watch your Freefire matches without worrying about the battery. Battery over? Rest assured, it still loads fast. In addition, it also allows you to edit videos on another level, ideal for those who need to edit those beautiful plays. It still has a more resistant glass than a mobile can have, water resistant and, its fantastic hyper-realism allows you to adjust the white tone of the screen … that is, ideal for your game not to tire you out visually…. –

5th Motorola Edge

Motorola Edge + hit the market to make consumers review their smartphone concepts. Have you ever imagined catching your opponent without stopping? Edge + gives you a high level experience due to its turbocharged performance, this is due to its processor that is the fastest on the market: Qualcomm® Snapdragon865.

In addition, it has an artificial intelligence mechanism that is capable of processing 15 trillion operations per second, that’s right, per second. With a billion colors, it’s much easier to see your enemy. Think about 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM, that is. It’s almost a handheld computer. … –


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