5 Best Android Games 2020: Free android games all time


5 Best Android Games 2020: Free android games all time

Are you an avid gamer of any console or PC release? If during your day you have several downtimes that you don’t know how to make the most of, we present you with a guide of the best titles for Android systems to play on your tablet or mobile.

 Our mobile phone is proposed as an excellent playmate and not only; always ready to give us the latest news, useful to refine the strategies, convenient for quick payments on the net and much more. Our indissoluble friend has now become one of the most used, powerful and widely consumed “portable consoles” on the market.

Let’s see some of the best videogames for Android currently available.


One of the most popular video games especially among children. With Minecraft you can spend time exploring vast worlds or building buildings of all kinds. In addition to survival, another fundamental part of the gameplay is to create objects, weapons, armor and various tools … and then dig dig dig! You can also play a game with your friends thanks to the multiplayer mode that allows you to play up to 10 people together, even in cross-platform.


The popular board game has landed on mobile! Buy, sell and exchange your properties; try to bankrupt other competitors to win the game. A fun game with many modes inside: it is possible to play alone against artificial intelligence, against other random people from all over the world, in a private game session with friends or family, in offline mode with a device single turn-based, or you can play a quick game if time is running out!

Football Manager 2020 Mobile

One of the management games designed for the world of football, the most complete and exciting in circulation. Football Manager is a must for football fans; you can start a real coaching career and become a 360 degree manager in the management of a club, from every possible point of view. Lead your team and career to success!


Another super title from our childhood that lives a second life digitally. As for Monopoly, Cluedo also lands on mobile in a modern, animated and always compelling version. The Tudor house awaits you in its atmosphere of mystery. You will be called to investigate to find out who the killer is, which weapon was used and, of course, in which room the crime occurred! You can play with friends or in games open to players from all over the world.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The mobile version of the famous Rockstar Games title arrives a few years (2004) after the debut on consoles and PCs, to let fans of the series play with their smartphone. You will take on the role of Carl Johnson, a criminal who returned to San Andreas after the murder of his mother. You will be engaged in various illegal missions trying to regain the trust of friends and relatives … but the way to go is long and full of pitfalls and things, of course, are never what they seem!


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