4 Dangerous apps for Android smartphones 2020

List of dangerous apps on google play store includes 4 applications. These were most dangerous apps for android 2019 too.

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4 Dangerous apps for Android smartphones 2020

Malicious android apps list

Apps have appeared again in the Google Play Store that can put your smartphone at risk. We show you in the text which application should absolutely fly from your Android smartphone and in the video which precautionary measures are available free of charge.

Dangerous android apps you need to delete may display useful features to you. But this time Google has taken radical steps to remove dangerous apps from playstore. It wasn’t until the end of last year that there was a long list of applications that should be deleted from your Android smartphone immediately. Now the experts at Checkpoint have once again targeted four apps and discovered dangerous intentions behind them.

The programs “BearCloud” and “Joker”, which act as so-called clickers, are slumbering under the following Android applications. Despite different methods, the result remains the same: The malware imitates the click of a user and can therefore click on advertising banners with intent to defraud. “Joker” software can also activate the premium services for other apps without the user’s consent.

The harmful Android apps 2020

You should delete these apps from your Android smartphone immediately:

  • Compass of hooks
  • Homely wallpaper by Mary Hickey
  • Landscape camera by Lonnie Carlson
  • Flowery Photo Editor from Castle Rock

Fortunately, the four defective apps are relatively underused and poorly rated Android apps. To protect yourself from malware on your smartphone in the future, we recommend taking a look at the best Android virus scanners. In contrast to iOS devices, every Android user is responsible for protecting their smartphone. Anyone who travels without the appropriate software runs the risk of revealing personal data and high costs through fraudulent action by the app developers.

The Google Play Store has millions of apps in different categories and from different manufacturers. These include not only useful applications, but also spam apps that infect smartphones with unpleasant companions. Security researchers have now identified two of these apps. If users have installed these, intrusive advertising is constantly displayed on the mobile phone; users can no longer accept calls or use other apps. In addition, the constant displays load the memory and can lead to the fact that smartphones are completely unusable.


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