2021 Best iPhone dropped in water face id not working Guide

iPhone dropped in water face id not working
iPhone dropped in water face id not working

2021 Best iphone dropped in water face id not working Guide

Did your iPhone fall into water? No need to panic! This doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence for your smartphone. Depending on the level of damage caused, it is possible to completely recover your device.

However, it takes agility to deal with the problem and also intelligence. One of the most important points is to avoid using the device right after the event. Your cell phone’s recovery process involves ways to get rid of all the liquid from the outside and inside. The longer the water remains in contact with the smartphone’s components, the more difficult it will be to fully recover it.

However, there are cases where the damage of the liquid is superficial and drying it is enough for it to work normally again. Check out the video and then see 9 tips for what to do when your iPhone falls into water:

Do not turn on the device wet

After taking it out of the water, turn it off immediately. Don’t even think about using it before doing this, even to check if everything is working. The longer it stays on while wet, the greater the risk of not being able to recover your iPhone. Its use can lead to short circuits that compromise the integrity of the device.

Remove your components

Remove the case or case from your iPhone. At this time, also be sure to take out your chip. These steps serve to eliminate any points where a fatal accumulation of water could occur. Since the iPhone battery is non-removable, we have no choice but to leave it attached to the device.

dry the outside

Turn your iPhone upside down and shake it. Do this with attention to all of your ends and inputs, such as USB and headphone. The ideal is to get as much water as possible from these places. At this point, avoid using hair dryers: they can heat up your device and further damage its internal components.

dry the inside

Once you’ve dried the exterior of your iPhone, including the screen and the back, it’s time to get rid of the fluid that has accumulated inside. The best way to do this is with a moisture absorbent, which will be able to leave the inside of your device completely dry over long exposure.

use raw rice

A very common tip to remove the internal liquid is to place your device in a pot covered with raw rice, which most people have at home. Rice can absorb water competently, but there are also risks when using this method. Chief among them is the danger of a grain of rice getting stuck in one of your iPhone’s ports. However, the procedure is the most suitable if there are no other ways to absorb moisture in a short time.

Use silica gel

In general, it is considered the best alternative to use a silica gel bag, which usually comes with some items, such as camera lenses and other electronics. If placed in a jar with your iPhone, they are able to absorb all the moisture without any problems.


Whichever method you choose, let iPhone dry with the rice or silica gel bag for at least 48 hours. Resist the temptation to remove it before this time just to check that it is drying, as this can compromise the chances of any moisture leaving the appliance.

Test your iPhone

After the recommended time has elapsed, try turning on your iPhone and making sure it works properly. Depending on the damage done by the liquid and how long it has been submerged, the internal circuitry may have been irreparably damaged and just drying the appliance is not enough. However, chances are also high that the damage was superficial and easily remedied just by removing the liquid.

Keep an eye

Even if your iPhone turns on and appears to be working properly, monitor its performance over the next few days. It may work very well in the first few moments, but it starts to show signs of failure eventually.

One of the most common problems in these cases is damage to the battery life, which starts to last much less after being submerged. An interesting tip to avoid this type of situation is to invest in a waterproof case to prevent accidents.

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